Celebrating our 25th Anniversary

Discovering photography

My mother knew I loved to surf when I was a young boy. She suggested that when I got older maybe I should be a garbage man (no disrespect!) because they work early in the morning and get off early and I would have a ton of time to surf. Also they had a good retirement plan, which was important to my mom and dad, because they both worked for the Government, and City and County.

That career path didn’t appeal to me. So as I was going to college, I started to research and learn more about my grandfather’s brother, who was the photographer for the University of Hawaii for 41 years. He always encouraged me to look into photography.

However, it was another photographer named Homer Parrish that really sparked my interest in photography. I met Homer when I worked part-time at a photo service company. I would talk to him daily and he would share with me about the beauty of “light”. From there, I decided that I was going to be a photographer!

the people around me

Who inspires and makes me proud? My wife Michelle, and our children - Ryan and Claire, inspire me to be the best I can be. My family, my surfing, and my yoga community always keep me in check as an individual.

My goal for my team members is for each of them to grow creatively and photographically, and eventually they will go on their own as well. I’ve known Erwin for over 15 years and Paula for over 7 years. I’m blessed they are still available to shoot with me whenever I need their professional assistance on an assignment.

My work

As a photographer, every wedding or assignment is different and exciting. But some of my favorite projects are shooting with non-profit groups such as Make-A-Wish® Hawaii and Dreams Come True. Hopefully my photography contributions will help with what goals they have for their respective organizations.

I have a simple goal. I just want to shoot photos! If people love my work and I’m excited about shooting, then I’m going to continue to photograph and create.