The Celebration

The months of planning have led you to this moment. We'll capture the getting ready moments, ceremony, and group photos.



Dave and Company are the best in the islands, without a doubt. Despite months of preparation our venue was canceled 40 hours in advance of impending dual hurricanes, and had to be instantly rescheduled from start to finish a day earlier than any of us planned.

Dave quickly rearranged his schedule and brought his professional expertise and artistic second-sense to the rescue and caught everything and everyone at the wedding and reception on film eliminating much of our last minute stress. He did so unobstrusively and patiently with our large family group and friends at the Waikiki destination.

He is superb, reliable, flexible, and intuitive and produced many beautiful lasting memories we will always cherish. He should be rated a 10+.
— Joanne
Dave & Paula and their team were wonderful to work with. We had a general idea of the kind of shots we were going to do, but he also winged it according to the locations & characters we had available the day of our wedding.

Dave & Paula were fun and easy going, creative, yet very professional. We all had a good time & I had complete trust that Dave would capture our memories for us! We communicated easily through email and response time was fairly quick. I never had to chase him down or was kept waiting.

Our photos turned out excellent & we share with anyone who asks to see them.
— Wendy

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